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Figure 5 | Journal of Foot and Ankle Research

Figure 5

From: A protocol for classifying normal- and flat-arched foot posture for research studies using clinical and radiographic measurements

Figure 5

Radiographic measurements. Traces from two representative participants illustrate x-ray angular measurements from normal (left) and flat-arched (right) foot posture. Lateral views (top) show: calcaneal inclination angle; calcaneal-first metatarsal angle; anterior posterior views (bottom) show: talonavicular coverage angle; talus second metatarsal angle. A – calcaneal inclination angle, B – calcaneal-first metatarsal angle, C – talo-navicular coverage angle, D – talus-second metatarsal angle. Angle A decreases with flat-arched foot posture; angle B, C and D increase with flat-arched foot posture, compared to the normal-arched foot posture.

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