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Table 1 Semi-quantitative ultrasound scoring system

From: Protocol for the Foot in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis trial (FiJIA): a randomised controlled trial of an integrated foot care programme for foot problems in JIA

Pathological feature Definition Scoring
Joint Effusions Defined as a compressible anechoic intra-capsular area 0- no effusion
   1- minimal amount of effusion
   2- moderate amount of effusion without distension of the capsule
   3- Extensive amount of effusion with distension of the joint capsule
Synovitis Defined as a non-compressible hypoechoic intra-capsular area (synovial thickening) 0- no synovial thickening
   1- minimal synovial thickening (filling the angle between adjacent bones without bulging over the line linking the tops of the bones)
   2- synovial thickening bulging over the line of the tops of the peri-articular bones but without extension along the bones diaphysis
   3- Synovial thickening bulging over the lines linking the tops of the peri-articular bones and with extension to at least one diaphysis
Bone erosions Changes in the bone surface of the area adjacent to the joint 0- Regular bone surface
   1- Irregularity of the bone surface without formation of a defect in the surface of the bone seen in 2 planes
   2- Defect in the surface of the bone seen in 2 planes
   3- Bone defect creating extensive bone destruction
Power Doppler Display of signal flow in the synovium 0- No flow
   1- Single vessel signals
   2- Confluent vessel signals in less that half of the synovium
   3- Vessel signals in more than half of the area