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Table 4 The broader impact of pain in the community

From: Understanding the nature and mechanism of foot pain

Domain Impact
Social life Inability to pursue hobbies among children and adolescents [72]
Reduces social functioning among children, their families and older adults [7375]
School absenteeism among children and adolescents [72]
Physical function Fear of movement and re-injury in chronic musculoskeletal pain [76]
Reduced physical functioning among children, adolescents, adults and older people [9, 64, 7781]
Mental function Sleep disturbances among children, adolescents and older people [7274, 77]
Mood disturbances among adolescents and older people [73, 77]
Interpersonal strain due to behavioural changes among children and their families [75]
Increases depressive symptoms, particularly if accompanied by self-blame [8284]
Increases severity of depressive symptoms [85]
Overall impact Reduces quality of life [73, 74, 77, 83, 86, 88, 89]
Health care Increases prescription/consumption of analgesic drugs [80, 87, 90]
Impairs recognition of depression [91]
Impairs adherence to medication if coinciding with depression [93]