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Table 1 Prevalence of foot pain in randomly selected populations

From: Understanding the nature and mechanism of foot pain

Study Sample source and description Foot pain prevalence Pain outcome measure and notes
Hill 2008 4,060 people aged ≥20 yrs (51% female) recruited by telephone interview (49% response rate) from north-western Adelaide, South Australia 17% Foot pain defined as affirmative response to 'On most days do you have pain, aching or stiffness in either of your feet?'
Menz 2006 301 community-dwelling older adults (representing 31% response rate) aged 70–95 yrs (61% female) from Sydney, NSW, Australia 36% disabling Disabling foot pain defined as: current foot pain, foot pain in the past month, plus at least one item marked on the Manchester Foot Pain and Disability Index [4].
Badlissi 2005 784 community-dwelling older adults (representing 85% response rate) aged 65–101 yrs (57% female) from Springfield, Massachusetts, USA 42% Foot pain defined as: at least 'fairly often' foot pain in the previous week, or foot pain or discomfort 'most days' within the previous month [1].
Garrow 2004 3,417 community-dwelling adults (representing 84% response rate) aged 18–80 yrs (55% female) from North Cheshire and Manchester, England: 22% (9.5% disabling) Foot pain defined as: foot pain during the past month lasting at least one day. 'Disabling' foot pain defined using the Manchester Foot Pain and Disability Index (defined above) [5].
Menz 2001 135 community-dwelling older adults, all members of one private health insurance company (response rate of 28%)aged 75–93 yrs (59% female) Sydney, NSW, Australia. 21% Foot pain defined as: affirmative answer when asked whether they suffered from painful feet [7].
Leveille 1998 990 community-dwelling women (70% response rate) with a disability; aged 65 to ≥85 yrs from Baltimore, Maryland, USA 18% moderate (14% chronic and severe) Chronic and severe foot pain defined as: 7–10 on 10-point VAS for ≥1 month within the last year and present in the previous month. Moderate foot pain defined as: 4–6 on VAS for ≥1 month within the last year, or pain rated as 7–10 on VAS lasting ≥1 month and not present within the previous month [10].