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Table 1 Correlation between OFM and pressure plate results

From: Correlation between plantar pressure and Oxford Foot Model kinematics

Foot Model Pressure Plate Corr
HF Varus Lat:Med heel force 0.07
HF Varus Lat:Med heel area -0.11
HF Varus Midfoot force 0.29
HF Varus Midfoot area 0.15
FF supination Lat:Med FF force -0.54
FF supination Lat:Med FF area -0.48
FF/Tibia supination Lat:Med FF force 0.41
FF/Tibia supination Lat:Med FF area 0.43
HF Varus Lateral FF force 0.64
HF Varus Lat:Med FF force 0.59
HF dorsiflexion Heel force 0.30
FF dorsiflexion FF force -0.45
FF/Tibia dorsiflex FF force -0.63
  1. FF = forefoot, HF = hindfoot, Corr = correlation.