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Table 3 Summary of the only randomised controlled trial for treatment of growing pains (GP) (Baxter & Dulberg, 1988).

From: Growing pains: contemporary knowledge and recommended practice

No. pain episodes per month Group 1 – treatment
Muscle stretching program *
n = 18
Group 2 – control
Reassurance, leg rubs, acetyl-salicylic acid
n = 16
Beginning of trial 10 10
3 months 1 6
9 months 0 3
18 months 0 2
  1. The RCT for management of GP revealed a statistically significant difference between the treatment and control groups of children (aged 5 – 14 years). However the study was biased, with no examiner blinding. Additionally, sample sizes are small and statistical power was not calculated.
  2. * Parents were taught a muscle stretching program for quadriceps, hamstrings and gastroc-soleal groups. All stretches were performed twice daily (morning and evening) for 10 minutes each time.