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Table 2 Summary of the recent studies which have established new aetiological theory for growing pains (GP).

From: Growing pains: contemporary knowledge and recommended practice

Date First Author Sample
Research design Findings New theory
2004 Hashkes, PJ GP group: n = 44
No GP control: n = 46
Case control
Dolorimeter (pressure)
GP group had lower pain thresholds GP may be a variant of a non-inflammatory pain syndrome
2005 Friedland, O GP group: n = 39
No GP control: n =
Case control
Ultrasound bone speed, tibia and radius
GP group had reduced tibial bone speed. GP may represent a local overuse syndrome.
2005 Hashkes, PJ GP group: n = 11
No GP control: n = 12
Case control
Bone scintigraphy, tibia
GP group did not have altered vascular perfusion when compared with control group GP are not associated with altered vascular perfusion as opposed to migraine